Why Every Pmp Should Renew Pmi Membership


Why every PMP should renew PMI membership? by Edward Chung , PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL Foundation · May 11, 2017 It is generally advisable to become a PMI member before you apply for any PMI Certifications and continuous renew the PMI membership status to enjoy free PDU opportunities (I get all my PDUs for free for certification renewal by being a PMI …

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1. Earning 60 PDUs during the CCR cycle. PDUs are “Professional Development Units” that you can earn in two areas: “Education” or “Giving Back.” You need at least 35 PDUs in the former, and 25 PDUs is the maximum you can report in the latter category.
2. Filling the Application to Renew. You can either fill an online application or download it, fill it, and upload it. You’ll need to state your contact, member ID, and payment details, and then you can submit your application right away.
3. Confirming Once More That You’ll Abide by the PMI Code of Ethics. You must promise to pledge by the PMI code of ethics to be able to renew your certification again.
4. Paying the Renewal Fees. If you’re among PMI members, you’ll get a discount and pay a fee of only $60. However, if you aren’t, you’ll pay $150. If you’ve passed the 60 PDU mark, you don’t have to wait three years for the renewal.
5. Receiving the PMI Confirmation. The final step of your renewal is to receive confirmation from the PMI that your certificate for the new CCR cycle has been issued.

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Yes. If you are PMP certified, but NOT a PMI member then you can still log in to your account at ccrs.pmi.org to record and claim your PDUs. However, there is a price difference. As of today, PMI members pay $60 for their renewal, and non-members pay $150.

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For example: To renew your Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification, you’ll need to earn 60 PDUs per 3-year cycle. Visit the Requirements page for more information. Enter your PDUs in the online CCR system . Pay the renewal fee. You’ll receive information on how to pay when it is time for you to renew your certification.

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PMI Membership Team. Second Email Reminder. About a month later, you will find another email titled “Maintain Valuable Member Benefits” from PMI in your inbox — this time much longer including major benefits of being a member to lure you to renew now: Dear Chi Wing Chung, Your PMI membership period ends in less than one month. Renew now

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BECOME A PMI MEMBER. almost 700K. Over 650,000 PMI members worldwide make the PM community smarter. Join Them. 300+. Build your network by joining one of over 300 PMI local Chapters around the globe. Find a Chapter Near You. $150. Save $150 on the PMP and other PMI certification exams with membership.

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This thread is about PMI membership renewal, not designation renewal, but to answer your question, you can renew as early as one day into the current three year cycle. PMI will just add the three years off the next cycle to the end of the current one so you lose nothing by recertifying early. Kiron Thanks, Kiron for the reply.

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don't renew. while the pmp is still highly regarded credential and will be of value to your career, pmi membership beyond the exam discount and pmbok pdf offers little value to justify ongoing renewals. 1 level 1 toTheNewLife · 2y I pay for my own. It's worth every penny. Passing that test gave my career a huge boost. 1 level 2 [deleted] · 2y

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One should renew the PMP® / PMI-ACP® certification when one has accumulated the required number of PDU (60 for PMP®; 30 for PMI-ACP®) and before the 3-year re-certification period is over. The above is what’s written in the PMP® Handbook / …

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This Code states that honesty, responsibility, respect, and fairness drive ethical decision-making for PMP credential holders in the project management field. Step 4: Pay the Renewal Fee The renewal fee for your PMP certification is $60 for PMI members and $150 for non-members. This fee is paid online when you submit your renewal application.

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I found one distinct advantage of having it. If you knock out your PDU's while that "free" year is still active, you can renew the membership for the next 3 year period at the PMI member price. So, I took the test and got that "free" year, bought some Udemy courses for $10 and knocked out the PDUs. Renewed at PMI member price for like $60, and

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So are there any benefits to renewing my PMI membership after I pass my PMP exam? I have read that you don't have to be a PMI member to report PDU's and keep your cert current. I do plan on taking the ACP test but don't have a time frame for that yet. I don't really use the materials on the PMI site or attend chapter events and am hoping to avoid an unnecessary cost.

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Complete Renew PMP application. When you complete the 60 PDU that is required to renew PMP, you will be communicated about the PDU fulfillment and asked to complete the Renew PMP Application. You can also review the CCRS handbook for more detailed information on the renew PMP process. How to Renew PMP – Step 6: Reaffirm the PMI Code of Conduct

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You do not need to bother about the PMP renewal date as PMI always renews the PMP certification date from the date of expiry of PMP certification rather than the date of payment of PMP renewal fee. 2. There is a possibility that you do not earn the specified amount of PDUs within the 3-year cycle of PMP renewal.

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Jul 23, 2020 - Project Management had turned into one of the hotspots of employment in the field of project management

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if i dont renew my pmi membership?

Rest assured that failing to renew your PMI membership will have NOTHING bad for your PMP® or PMI-ACP® Certification status…… You will still be able to report PDU for your Certifications and renew your Certification.

What do you need to know about pmp renewal?

Either way, you need to know about PMP Renewal. When we say renew PMP, you do not need to write the PMP Certification exam again! So, what is needed to renew PMP certification? To renew PMP certification, you need to earn and report 60 Professional Development Units (PDU). 1 hour of learning is equal to 1 PDU.

What are the benefits of pmi membership?

PMI Membership offers great benefits for PMP certification aspirants. For example, do you know that $139 PMI Membership can save you $150 (an $11 saving right away) on the PMP exam cost?

Is the pmp membership discount worth it?

In fact, the discount is greater than the yearly PMI membership fee. So it makes a lot of sense to join and pay the fee. However, a substantial number of people will not renew their PMI membership after the first year because it is not necessary to be a member in order to retain your PMP status.

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